Working Actress, Model & 

          Professional  Dork!

James Frazier: The Man! I am so grateful that this man pursued his passions. Every year I have the best birthday because of him & his team. 








"​​There is something about making people feel that completes me. Acting is my life & when I'm performing, I'm alive!"




"I want to make people feel something"

Photographer : Herbert Mann

The Walking Dead is my favorite tv show. I want to make people feel the way the cast of TWD makes me feel. 

​Hope at Omni Hotel for Walker Stalker Con 2017.




"Dreams are meant to come true. Your meant to make your dreams your reality! Work hard, train hard, have passion for what you love, stay dedicated & be prepared!"






Hope Mackenzie Perry is a working actor, model & professional dork. When she was 3 years old, she told her family she was going to be an actor. When she was 5, her family finally gave in & started to pursue Hope's passion. 

Hope says her one mission is to make people feel. She wants everyone to forget about the stress & struggle of their everyday lives & walk away from that movie or performance thinking about how entertained they were. Hope doesn't want people to see "Hope Perry" when they watch her, she wants them to see the character she is portraying. 

Acting is Hopes one true passion. Other then acting, she also loves modeling, singing & Krav Maga. She trains hard every week in her acting classes & her Krav Maga training. She takes Krav Maga & Weapons Training. She wants to one day be able to do her own stunts. 

Hope believes that your dreams are meant to become your reality. That with passion, dedication, hard work & training hard, anyone can do anything. She also wants to learn more about behind the camera. She makes her own edits & wants to one day be able to direct, write & create, but always acting. 

Hope is in the 8th grade at a Magnet Middle School for the Performing Arts.  Theatre Arts is her magnet & she also takes Vocal Music & Dance. Film & Television is her passion, but says she wants to learn everything she can about all aspects of acting, performing , creating & entertaining. 

If you need a young girl who puts her all into her acting, her passion, contact Hope. 

Mature beyond her years. Talented. Dedicated. Passionate. 

Hope Mackenzie Perry


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