HI EVERYONE! My name is Hope. I'm 13 years old & was born in October. Maybe that's why Halloween is my favorite holiday & why I love horror movies. 

I guess I suppose to tell you all about me. so where do I begin? Well I think I'm an Alien. I am a working actor & professional dork. My biggest passion is acting & I love Krav Maga, weapons training, animals, music, The Walking Dead & other amazing shows & films, Walker Stalker Con, Talented artists of all kinds & pizza. I'm not sure how to properly do this "about me" thing but here we go.

When I was 3 years old I knew I wanted to be an actor. I cant explain it. When I watched movies with people & seen how the actors made people feel & how they made me feel, I wanted to make them feel like that. I heard a quote from Antonin Artaud, he said "Actors are athletes of the heart" & that is so true. I love that quote. I never wanted to be anything other then an actor. I have recently decided to focus on something else other then acting to make my mom happy. She doesn't want me to as she says "put all my eggs in one basket" & then my dreams not come true, but I feel dreams are meant to come true. They are meant to become your reality. So I have decided to also take classes for behind the camera opportunities like Directing, Cameraman, Photographer, Editor, something along those lines. That way I am still in the industry I love, even if I'm not doing what I'm passionate about, I'm still working with the amazing crew. The crew works so hard & I would love to work beside them. My passion will always be acting, making people feel, performing, entertaining, making characters come to life & being a dork! 

A little bit more about me, I am in the 8th grade & I attend a magnet school. My magnet is Theatre Arts & I also take Dance & Vocal Music, which is basically Chorus. My favorite class is Theatre Arts. Out of my basic classes, my favorite is Science & World Cultures. Math has never been a favorite, in fact I'm not a fan at all. 

I love film & tv. I love seeing the actor make their character come to life so good that you forget they are who they really are. Where you get so into the film or show & still feel something after its over. Where you talk about that film or show for a while after it over.

I also love music. I listen to many different types of music . I listen to Alternative, Classic Rock, Hip hop, Rap, Country, Jazz, Blues, a little bit of everything. I listen to Alternative most. Some of the bands I listen to are Panic at the disco, Twenty One Pilots, Nirvana, Cage the Elephant, Eminem, Drake, Queen, Journey, Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, etc... Music helps me escape. I even listen to music to go to bed. 

My favorite colors are black, purple & blue. 

Some other things I love are Krav Maga, Weapons Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Animals, Modeling, Fashion, Swimming, Yoga, Art (all different forms of art from paintings, drawings, sculptures, street art, graffiti), editing, archery. guitars, drums and being a dork! There is a lot more stuff. 

I take Krav Maga a few times a week & I love it. They put me in one of the adult classes & I love it. My mom always asks me if I'm sure I can handle it & if I want to switch to the kid class. I like that the adults don't take it easy on me. How am I supposed to learn if they take it easy on me. If someone attacks me they aren't going to take it easy on me.  

I have been in 2 bands at School of Rock. 1st I was background vocals in the "Stevie Wonder Band" & then I was Lead Vocals & BG Vocals in the "Ladies of the 80's Band". We performed at bars & clubs & I loved it even though I was so nervous. I have never been nervous when it came to acting or modeling & the only time I ever got nervous before that, was when I did the Fox 45 News segment because it was LIVE. So when I first had to sing all by myself, I thought I was going to die, but then I got into it, believed in myself & I loved it. I let go & got over my fears. I was scared I was going to sound bad. 

I love animals so much. One day I hope I can have a farm with lots of land so I can take in lots of animals. Right now I have a dog named Black Betty Trixie Raja Perry, but we call her Trixie. We have a cat named Frankenstein, we call him Frankie & we have a bearded Dragon named Venusaur, but we call her Venus. When I was a baby my mom & pop-pop had a dog named Jimmy & he passed away in I think 2013. He was Sharpe & bull terrier. Trixie is a husky, Australian cattle dog & dingo, but we think she has horse in her too & she gets her dorkiness from me. 

I am a tomboy who likes fashion. I love heels, but I always preferred my boy toys over girl toys. I always had both. I didn't sleep with baby dolls, I slept with my The Thing (from Fantastic four) toy. I hear a story about when I was real little & my mom was watching Friday the 13th & she thought I was a sleep until she heard me laughing. I was laughing at parts that most kids would cry or be scared. I knew it was fake. I've never been scared of horror movies. I always said I wanted to meet Jason Voorhees & I finally met Kane Hodder in 2016 & he told me I am weird like him... I cherish that compliment :-) He was so nice. I love going to Walker Stalker Con. I cant even put into words how I feel when I go there. It's like trying to explain how much I love acting. It completes me. I love meeting people I have wanted to work with, who make me feel & who inspire me. I would love to pick their brains & learn from them. 

I don't know what else to say, but if you have any questions & want to know anything at all, just ask. 

Love always, 

Hope xoxoxoxoxo