James Bishop a.k.a Bishop is a veteran in the Baltimore Hip-Hop scene. As a kid Bishop moved around a lot. At the age of 16, Bishop moved to Irvington, where he began rapping. Bishop sites C-Rayz, Walz, 2-Pac, Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan as his biggest influences. In the beginning Bishop was making music for the fun of it, until his friends pushed him to take it more serious.

After Graduating High School and moving away from the neighborhood, Bishop started Scavenge Productions with a few of his closest friends. Raf, Defwish & P Muh Fucka were the original members of the group. In 2001 the group released their first album the Perfect Aim. The Perfect Aim helped the group gain a buzz throughout the city, leading to Bishop releasing his first solo album Lighting Strikes Twice in 2002. It was after the release of the album that Bishop took his talents to the stage finishing in the top 3 of the Baltimore Blaze Battle at the 5 Seasons. Scavenge Productions stayed together for another two years working on new material that has never been released due to differences within the group. Bishop however was not ready to give up on music.

In 2004, he released his 2nd solo album, First Man of Savage, features the single Baltimore Flood Gates. The success of the single helped Bishop gain notoriety throughout the city. During that year Bishop was featured on several Hip-Hop showcases as well as the Vans Warped Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion. In the summer of 2005 Bishop was invited
In the summer of 2005 Bishop was invited back to Merriweather Post Pavilion to perform at his 2nd consecutive Warped Tour.  Following his performance Bishop took some time away from the scene to work on his next album. The beginning of 2006 saw the release of Bishop's 1st mix tape, Baltimore's Own Underground. The mix tape was a free cd he gave away to help promote his upcoming album The Day of Reckoning.
As 2006 came and went Bishop was hard at work in the studio preparing for the release of the album. In the spring of 2007 
Bishop joined forces with his friends at Steez Promo to Present The Day of Reckoning Album release. The album featured the 
singles Holy Grail featuring hip hop great C-Rayz Walz and Man Wit No Name. At the release party Bishop co-headlined the 
show with C-Rayz Walz. Day of Reckoning is available for purchase through CD Baby, ITunes and from Bishop. The Day of 
Reckoning helped Bishop gain a name throughout the world. Tracks from the album were sold in Japan, Europe and throughout 
the United States. Following the success of the album Bishop was asked to come to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and 
many other east coast states to perform. Since 2008 Bishop has continued to do shows up and down the east coast. He has also
been working on his follow up album to the Day of Reckoning which is set to release in November of this year. As a veteran 
in the Baltimore music scene, Bishop has helped many others break into the scene and build their brand. Baltimore promoters 
Steez Promo and Tayland Promotions were two of the many companies he has helped throughout his career. Along with his music 
career, Bishop works a full-time job and is a single father of two children. His children 11 & 14 are his life outside of 
music. In his spare time you can find Bishop spending time with his friends or watching sports. He is a huge fan of the 
Baltimore Ravens.

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