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           HOPE !


Hope as a baby & toddler. Hope truly was a happy baby!

*The picture that has two pictures in one, is of Hope's mom as a baby & Hope as a baby. (Picture on Left is Melissa, Hope's mom, Picture on Right is Hope as a baby/toddler.

Biography of Hope...


The Baby Years...

                                           "Born With a Smile on Her Face"...... 

Hope Mackenzie Perry was born on October 6, 2004. She weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. & was 18 1/2 in. long. Hope literally was born with a smile on her face & didn't cry until they took her out of the delivery room & was headed down the hall. Hope was a happy baby from day one & everyone could also tell she was going to be smart. She started to do things that most babies wouldn't do for a long time. For instance walking, talking, holding her own bottle, lifting her self up & potty training, etc.. her family could also notice from a early age, that Hope loved attention...even as a baby. Hope had been full of personality from the second she was born. Her family also noticed she was never shy or scared of anything & when someone had a camera, she smiled. She always loved being in front of the camera. Hope's main family or immediate family, consists of her mother, Melissa, her father, William, her maternal grandfather, "Pop-Pop" or Larry, her maternal grandfathers ex wife, Who Hope calls "Granny", or Pat & Hope's maternal great grandmother, "Mom-Mom" or Pearl. Hope also has her dads parents & family. Her dads mom, "Grandma Cathy"  or Cathy & his dad, "Pop's" or Bill. She also has cousins through her dads side. Hope's Granny, Pat,  was married to her grandfather before he had met my biological mother, Bonnie. Pat was always in My life, & was like a mom to me, so I called Pat my Step-mom. Pat had went through a lot having breast cancer, brain surgery because of 10 brain aneurysm's, & surgery on her carotid arteries. She feels God has kept her here for Hope. Even though she is not her blood grandmother, she IS her Granny.  Hope learned early on that family is not always blood. Hope has a lot of love!

  As a Toddler...                     

                   "She Never gave Up, She Was Very Persistent".......

When Hope was 3 years old, she started saying she wanted to be an actress. She started doing things like putting on little shows or skits, acting like she was on a commercial with her dolls, making her dolls be on a TV show, even in the bath tub Hope would act like she was in a movie, tv show & on a commercial & act like she was selling her shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.. I really wasn't too keen on the idea of my daughter being an actress. I have heard of so many child actors going down the wrong path & was scared to let Hope try. I told Hope, "You will change your mind, next week you will want to be a doctor, police woman or lawyer. A week later, she still wanted to be an actress, a month later, a year later & then two years later. She never gave up, she was very persistent, begging her father & I to please let her act. Still doing the same things, putting on skits, reenacting TV shows & movies, paying close attention to the actors on TV/Movies. Never giving up her dreams of being an actress. Hope has always been mature. People have told us hope has an old soul. She can sit with adults & carry a conversation. Her doctor, who she had since she was a few months old, said to me, when Hope was 3, "You didn't talk a lot of Baby Talk to Hope, did you?" I answered "No, hardly ever". Her doctor said that's why she talks so good & why she started talking so good so young. Hope has always had a huge & unique personality. She calls it being dorky. I say all the time "I wish I had a camera following you" because she says & does things that make people laugh.

            "I  Had To Realize, Hope Had Passion for Acting"...

 5 years old...

When Hope was 5 years old & still begging to be an actress, her father insisted I give Hope a chance. I googled "Acting for kids" & filled out some form, not knowing what it was for. I got a call from John Casablanca's Modeling & Career Center's. They told us to bring Hope in on a certain day & I took her. She was the youngest one there at 5 years old & everyone else was 9 -17. Hope was the first one to raise her hand when they asked for a volunteer. At this time, Hope was only interested in acting. She really didn't know anything about modeling. Even though she always showed a interest in fashion & being in front of the camera, she never actually wanted to model. Not long after, Hope received a call, saying she was chosen to attend their acting & modeling classes. We didn't know she had to audition to go to their classes, but at that time we didn't know a lot of stuff. She started showing so much passion for what she was learning. She would come home & practice what they were taught. She never once complained about having to stop playing with her friends or missing a friends birthday party. She was & still loves acting classes. They gave Hope her very first photo shoot. She was told during their critiques that she was meant for this, that she was a natural & knew what to do without being told. The only correction she was given was when she smiled, you could see her tongue through her missing tooth. That was back when she had the missing tooth in the front. After attending J.C for a year, they give you the opportunity to start getting sent out to auditions.  Not long after, Hope got her first paid job. She always understood that she will not get everything she auditions for, that it doesn't mean she is not a great actress or that she is ugly, it just means she was not the right fit. Hope also has always wanted to see every kid make it. We have been asked many times things like "Why would you take another kid to that open call, aren't you afraid they will take the opportunity from Hope?" We do not look at it like that. We want the person who is best fit to get the part. Hope will get other opportunities. Just being able to audition is an opportunity to Hope. Getting in front of the casting agent to show them she is a great little actress & how well she takes direction is fun to her. After every audition, Hope comes out with a huge smile on her face & she keeps quite until we get outside, then she gets so giddy, saying things like "I feel like I'm on a pink cloud, I'm so happy, that was so much fun, I feel amazing, I'm happier then a joyful pink unicorn". You can see the passion she has & it makes me so happy to see her so happy. All that I want for Hope, is for her to be happy, healthy &  a good person. As her mother, I will continue to do whatever I have to do, to help Hope make her dreams come true. So she can do what she loves & is so passionate about for the rest of her life.

                                  "Little Girl, Big Dreams"

Hopemade up "Little Girl, Big Dreams" in the summer of 2013. Hope had went to a acting & modeling expo in Dallas, Texas for 5 days in June 2012. The Michael Beaty Model & Talent Expo. She had the wonderful opportunity to meet several wonderful people including a former basketball legend from the Harlem Globe Trotters, Meadow Lark Lemon, the mother of a teenage actor from a show "Victorious", who plays the part of "Sinjin". His mom is a agent in N.Y. & was at the expo for the 5 days. A great actress from the show Weeds, Allie Grant. She was found at the same expo a few years before & a young model named Mercedes, who was found the year before at the same expo & has already done some really big things. So at the expo, Hope got a "Call Back" from a wonderful agency in New York City. She had the opportunity to go to N.Y for the summer & work with them as a "Summer Kid". Unfortunately, Hope's  family did not have enough money so we finally allowed Hope to ask for donations. Hope made up "Little Girl, Big Dreams", which is basically Hope! A little girl who has BIG dreams & is working extremely hard to make them come true. Thankfully, Hope received enough money to stay in N.Y for a month. She wanted to stay for 3 months, but was very grateful to  have the opportunity to go for the month, we have continued to go to N.Y every summer, not to mention all the times we go for auditions, work, training, etc...  We made a life long friend with the lady we stayed with that first year in N.Y & now we stay there a lot. So now, whenever we have to go to N.Y, even on 12 hours notice, we have somewhere to stay. We will continue to do what it takes so that Hope can do what she loves.

                               "Hope has a Huge Heart & a Beautiful Soul"...

Hope has always wanted to make people smile & laugh & has never been greedy. She gives friends toys that she hasn't even played with yet. Hope has aHUGE Heart & a Beautiful Soul. She always been grateful for all the opportunities she has received.  She always asks if she can give her pay checks away to charity. She wants to split her checks 3 ways to sick babies/kids, animals & homeless people. We do let her send money to St. Jude's & A.S.P.C.A. & if she starts making more, she can send more & to more charities'.  Hope has volunteered her time harvesting food for a homeless shelter. She does good in school & is a B average student. Hope could read 76 words per minute when she was in the 2nd grade. The class average was 50 words per minute but Hope read 76! As of the 2014-15 school year, Hope is in the 5th grade. She has had some problems in school with being bullied & being picked on. Hope said that wanting to act has nothing to do about the money or fame but that it would  be nice to be famous so people would listen to you. That if she was famous, she could be a good role model for everyone. That she would tell people how bad it is to bully other people, how people kill themselves over being bullied. When Hope is told how much she is getting paid for a job, she says "Its not about the money Mom, its about doing what I love". She did not know anything about fame or how much actresses made when she first started saying she was going to be an actress. Hope has the personality, the drive, the talent & definitely the passion!  

In the Present...

                                         "Hope's Passion Only Grows Stronger"...

2015!  Hope is now 10 years old & still has so much love & passion for acting. Hope's passion only grows stronger & stronger everyday. Besides her love for acting, Hope also loves to model, sing & dance. She is taking 2 dance classes a week. Hip-hop on Tuesdays & Jazz, which is her favorite, on Thursdays. She also takes voice lessons weekly on Wednesday's. She has grown so much in voice & dance. Hope has never complained about missing out on playing with her friends, missing birthday parties or any other fun kid activities when she has to work, audition or take a class. Hope had asked me a few months ago If she could start taking directing classes & photography classes on Monday's & Friday's. I said to her "When do you expect to be a kid?", she answered saying "Being a kid is having fun, this is what is fun to me". Hope does get to play a lot, our neighborhood has a lot of kids, but when she has to stop playing to go to class or drive to N.Y, she never complains & is still happy to go. Hope handles everything very well. She maintains a B average in school & when her grades start to slip, I use acting as leverage. "No more acting until your grade comes back up" & in less then 2 weeks, that grade is right back to a B or A.

Hope is the biggest "The walking Dead" fan. She has always been a big zombie lover & has always loved horror movies. She has watched them all her life & never been scared. Hope use to say her biggest dream is to always be a working actress in Hollywood &  to be in big Hollywood blockbuster movies, now, she says her biggest dream is to always be a working actress & to be in The Walking Dead TV show. Hope auditioned back in November or December 2014 for a magnet school for Performing Arts, so she can study acting in school everyday. Hope was so happy to get the great news that she made it! We knew she may not have got in because they only have so many spots, so she was more then excited to hear she was picked! She had to audition to get in, performing a monologue they picked, improve & graded on that & audition skills. They also had to write an essay. They were graded on the "educational part" & the "performing arts part". She scored a 47 out of 50 on the performing arts part of the audition. At registration, I told them that she misses a lot of school to work in N.Y & asked if they would be willing to work with her

& they said "Yes, that is what we want. We want them to  work professionally, that's why they are here". So Hope is very happy that she will be able  to go to the school she wanted & still be able to work. Right now, in Elementary school , her teachers work with Hope. They give her the classwork & homework, so that she can do it in holding. They have been great, helping Hope so that she can stay in public school & continue to do what she loves. If you have any questions  for Hope, feel free to ask & she will answer, go to the Contact page & fill out the form, Hope will get right back to you. Hope designed this website herself & usually types most of it herself, beside this & a few other things.

Hope still has a lot of support. I may not have wanted her to act at first, but once I seen her passion, I have done everything I can to help her & will continue to do so until I can't move any longer. I always ask Hope first if she wants to do a certain job or if she wants to be submitted, she always says "YES".

I am so proud of Hope. She is an amazing child & I cant wait to see what type of woman she becomes. I just pray she always stays a good person, We always put importance on being good people. Thank you so much for reading Hope's biography.

Thank you or taking the time to read my biography

it means so much to me that you took the time to

read about little old me. love hope. xoxoxoxoxox




    Who is Hope:

1. What is your favorite color? Hot Pink.

2. Who are your favorite actors? Tina Fey & Robert Downey Jr.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? Actress & Model.

4. Which do you prefer? Acting but I love to model too, if I really had to choose I would choose acting.

5. Are you a mommy's girl or daddy's girl? I love them both but I think I am a daddy's girl. but my mom does everything for me to help me make my dreams come true. They are the best parents in the world.

6. PlayStation or Xbox? PlayStation but, I have them both & I like Xbox too but I am a PlayStation kind of girl.

7. What game are you playing on PlayStation right now? Infamous; Second Son.

8. What is the last song you downloaded onto your tablet or phone? Dark Horse by Katy Perry

9. What is your favorite tv show? The Walking Dead! I LOVE The Walking Dead!

10. What do you like to do for fun? Play with my friends, stuff that we play is The Walking Dead, where some of us will be zombies & we chase the other ones its fun, we ride scooters, climb trees, stuff like that. I like to put on skits & shows when my friends let me, I love to play on my PlayStation 4 & 3, Xbox, Wii & Wii U. I like to go to the movies & in the summer I love to swim.

11. Would you rather do a comedic movie or dramatic movie? I would love to do either, both. If I have to choose I say Dramatic.

12. What charity's have you given money to? St. Jude's & A.S.P.C.A.

13. What is your favorite food? PIZZA.

14. What is your favorite drink? Root Beer & Water.

15. If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you take? TV, PlayStation & Phone. So I don't miss the Walking Dead while I wait to be rescued. So I can play games while I wait & so I can call for help!

16. Dog or Cat? Dog

17. Do you or have you had any pets: I have a dog, named Trixie Girl. She is a Siberian Husky & German Sheppard mix. We just got her last October 2013 because our Dog Jimmy Boy, who my mom got when he was 8 weeks old passed away July 10, 2013 & he was 13 years old. Our cat, Ziggy passed away not even a month before Jimmy Boy. My mom also had another dog, Muffin & 2 other cats, Kit-Kat & Captain before I was born. but we do not consider our animals pets. They are family.

18. How long have you wanted to act & model? I wanted to act since I was 3 & model since I was 5.

19. What grades do you get in school? I get mostly B's. I get A's too. My mom says I am a B student.

20. If you had to pick, to be someone else, who would you pick? I would pick Myself! I wouldn't want to be anyone else. God made me ME for a reason. I would like to change my name to what it was supposed to be though "Hope Saige Mackenzie Perry!  

21. If you could make a robotic mom, what would it be like? I would make it with Hazel eye's, a tattoo of me as a zombie & other tattoo's, Brown long hair, bunches of rings, wears lots of bracelets, 2 ear rings in each ear, so basically a clone of my human mom!

22. If you could have any breed of dog, what kind would you have? Husky & German Shepard mix, like Trixie girl & a Shar-pe & Bull Terrier mix like Jimmy boy.

23. If you could choose to be either a Girl or a Boy, which would you choose? & Why? BOY! For one they don't have to deal with as much Drama, in the summer they don't feel like cutting off their long hair. Plus i'm more like a boy "Get dirty, Play hard, Video Games, Comics, Zombies...need I say more".

24. Shopping or Skating:  Skating

25. Marvell Comics or D.C Comics? MARVELL! Iron Man..Duh, Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Spider Man, Hulk, Etc, Etc.. Need I say more? I love D.C too, but I am a HUGE Marvell fan.

26. What is your favorite subject in school? Science. I love Science.

27. Reading or Writing? Reading. I was the best Reader in my class.

28. Favorite book? Hunger Games.

29. What is your favorite song as of now (5/14/14)? All of me by John Legend.

Bonus Point... Mind Craft Related:

30. Creepers or Enderman: Enderman. because they don't blow up & if you beat the ender dragon then the Enderman wont kill you.

31. Survival or Creative: Creative because then you have a life time of supplies & you don't die unless you jump off the pit of death in the EnderWorld.