I just watched The Walking Dead, season 7 premier and my mom and me cried so much and my dad laughed at us I tried to explain why I was crying and I understand its just a tv show but I'm a huge fan of the show the actors and the crew. they make their characters come to life and that's why I act to make my character come to life to make people believe I am that character my mom said not to mention what happened on TWD tonight in case someone has not seen it yet and I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I will say I need therapy tonight after watching this we are watching the talking dead now and I'm so excite because in 3 days we leave for Atlanta, GA to go to Walker Stalker Con. that's all I wanted for my birthday and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!! they were all sold out of Norman Reedus photo ops and I wanted one so bad but at least I get to see him. maybe one day my dream will come true and I will get to work with him :-) dreams do come true I just filmed my 1st guest staring role and as little as it was it was amazing getting to see the amazing actors I got to work with and the awesome crew. they were so nice to me and even gave because me my own trailer I really felt like my dreams are coming true. I hope nobody ever gives up on their dreams work hard and train hard and be a good person.  well I have school tomorrow. I'm going to miss 3 days because I'm going to Atlanta for Walker Stalker.

HI EVERYONE! I just wanted to stop by & write about the internet & social media. I see more & more people on social media arguing on things like Instagram & facebook or wherever . first we all need to be very very careful when we are online. there are so many crazy people out there that kidnap kids and they will act like they are a kid too & then find out where you live. you cant tell strangers personal things like where you live your phone number what school you go to things like that. please be safe. but also I wanted to talk to everyone in internet land about bullying online. I have had people who I don't even know go on my pictures & say things like your ugly, eww, you look Mexican, your too ugly to act, your shorter then a kindergartner , things like that. they do it in school & online. some of them I know and some I don't know, some live in different states. why do we have to be so mean to other people? we all have problems or had hard times or lost someone we love maybe your parents are going through a divorce and it hurts you but don't go around hurting other people. there are kids everyday who kill their self because of being bullied. stop trying to look cool for your friends. if they are real friends they will like you for who you really are people aren't going to be your friend just because your mean to people. always think about how the other person feels. You never know what they are going through at home. Your mean & hateful words could be what pushes them to the end. Why don't we all try reaching out to people who don't have many friends instead of picking on them. and leave people you don't even know alone on the internet. why would anyone go on a strangers page just to say your ugly? I was raised to know that inside beauty is always more important then your looks.

Social Media

by hope perry

I love fashion. I mostly like to make my own style but I like to learn about all styles of fashion. my favorite fashion designer is tom ford because he was into acting and fashion and his styles of clothing rock. I don't think everyone's fashion should be about what's most popular. It should be about what you feel great in, what you look great in. certain colors look good on some people but not others just like some patterns look good on some people but not others. you should always feel confident in what you wear. no matter what your size or shape is you can be beautiful. its how you feel. my mom lets me pick out my own clothes because we do not have the same fashion sense. when I go to an audition she knows I need to feel confident. I know some of you kids have parents who still pick out your clothes & they have their reasons, but maybe you can assure them and show them that if you are allowed to pick out your own clothes you can be trusted to pick out a outfit that is not going to make you look older then they want you to look.

First, go through your closet and get rid of everything you will never wear. donate all your old clothes or give them to someone who will need them. there are so many places that help kids who don't have much, check into places that will come pick the clothes up from your house. Once you know what all clothes you have, go through & think about which of the clothes you like the most & which look the best on you. Which colors make your skin look great, think of your skin tone. I have a nice tan color & bright colors & florescent colors look good on me because of my skin. I know other people that look awesome in lighter colors because they are more pale. then think about what types of clothes you like to wear. are you more of a pants & shirts kind of person, a dress & heels person or maybe a legging, skirt & cute top kind of person. or you could love all of them. I like to wear all different kinds of clothes. also think about accessories like suspenders, sock, shoes, necklaces, hats, scarfs. be unique. don't pick clothes just because everyone else does.

you can buy clothes from a thrift store & still look great. its how you put the outfit together what you put with what. I have been told a lot that I have my own sense of style & that I look like punky Brewster.   I think I am unique & I like being different. thank you for reading my blog. if anyone has anything to add I will put it on here in my next blog if you like. just send me a message. see ya later!!!! love hope


January 19, 2015  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! I hope that everyones dreams come true in 2015. 

February 5, 2015:  I hope every has a good Valentines Day on Feb 14th.

         Help each other, Respect

       Team work


I don't know why more parents & kids cant be like this. Look out for each other, Help each other. Don't hate a kid because they get something & your kid does not. I'm sorry but, that is NOT a good reason to hate someone. I have sat in auditions with Hope & heard some of the meanest, untruthful things that others moms have said about a kid... an innocent, little kid. I will never forget this one audition. It was for a Spanish girl 5 - 10 years old. Hope is Italian & Irish but, everyone tells her she can play multiple ethnicity's. So her agent submitted her & told us to go to the audition. We were there & while we were waiting a lady comes in with her 2 daughters. She keeps saying things over & over again..." Oh Mami (the Mother is saying this to the daughter)

, you  know you got this. None of these girls are as sexy as you (this is a kid she is saying this to all kids are between 5 & 10 years old) , these girls are ugly. You know you got this, none of these girls have probably done any of the things you have done, their resumes are probably no where near as long as yours, etc. , etc... My point is, she did not get the job. Hope did because she still wished the girl good luck, even after the things they were saying about Hope & the other girls. This business is hard enough already, we don't need to make it even it harder for our kids because of jealousy & envy. Be happy for one another. Help each other out. Good things come to good people. Work hard, do your homework, Practice, Practice, Practice, Do your research.


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Being the Mother of a Child Actress & Model.Written by: Melissa Perry, Hope's Mom. Monday May 19, 2014.

I Just wanted to give my opinion on what more mom should do when you are the mother of a child actress &/or model. I think it can go for life in general! It is more about just being a good person, wanting to help others & not thinking you are better then others.

I have raised Hope, not as an actress & model but, as a good person, that being beautiful has much more to do then what you look like. It is much more then you looks, it is your personality, your heart & your soul. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, on the outside but, if you have a ugly personality you will be ugly on the inside & the outside. Since Hope has become an actress & model, we have met a lot of different people. We are very lucky to have met some beautiful people, Parents & Kids. Unfortunately, we have also came across some very ugly people (personality wise). I understand that we all want the best for our children, I want nothing more then to see Hope succeed & have all of HER dreams come true. Some parents want THEIR dreams to come true & push what THEY want on their kids. Not letting their kids live their dreams. So, I know that we all want to see our children have wonderful, big opportunity's but I have raised Hope not to hate other people if they get opportunity's & she don't. I have raised Hope to be happy for others when they have good things happen to them & she always is...& she is sincerely happy! Hope says "Mom, she really deserved to get that job because she works so hard & she wants this not her mom" or things like that. She has also said things like "Ooo', she is so lucky! I wish I got that BUT, I am so happy for her. She definitely deserves it". I am so proud of Hope for being the person she is. She has such a beautiful soul & I am proud of her for not being mean & hating someone just because they got something she did not.

What I think the problem is, is the kids learn it from the parents. The parents should also be sincerely happy for others. When they get jealous or talk bad about a kid because their child did not get booked, the kids hear it & then they think this is right. I have had more then several people ask me, "Why do you take other kids with Hope to auditions? Aren't you afraid they will take the opportunity away from Hope? What if they get the job & Hope don't?" I tell them the truth, how I really feel...Nobody can TAKE any opportunity from Hope. If Hope is the very best or that role & she is meant to have that role, then Hope will get booked. If her friend or anyone else is meant to get that  role & they played that character better & they are better for that particular project, then that is who deserves that role. Hope & I will be sincerely happy for her friend or whoever. I wish more parents would help each other more too. When Hope first started acting & modeling, I knew nothing about this industry. I had to learn everything myself because whenever I would ask another acting & modeling mom, they would act like it was the biggest secret in the world! I was fortunate enough to have found over the years of Hope being in this industry, some great moms & their beautiful daughters, who have been so great to Hope & I. We have supported each other's kid & each other, we have helped & looked out for each others kids. When we see a casting that each others kids will fit we let each other know.



Ray Rice's, Anti-

Bullying Rally; Link's of Kindness. (Left to right) Lilly, "Anti-Bully Mascot Man" & Hope at Ray Rice's Anti-Bullying Event!


By: Hope Perry         Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

We all need to help stop bullying!  I went to Ray Rice's Links  of Kindness Anti-Bullying Rally a few months ago & it was very good. There was a family there of a 15 year old girl who took her own life because of bullying. Some people & not just kids do not know how to deal with being bullied. When you see someone being bullied Stand Up To Them. If you see a person who has been bullied, talk to them, be their friend. Sometimes that is all it takes to help save a life, being their friend.

              ~You can be a Hero to someone, just by being their friend ~Ray Rice

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~*HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY*~ by: Hope May 11, 2014, Sunday.

I want to say Happy mothers day to all the moms out there who love their kids more then anything. My mom loves me so much & I love her so so so much. I know I wouldn't be here where I am without her. She is the one who spends  every penny to help me make my dreams come true & she drives me everywhere & she checks her emails all day to make sure I don't miss any opportunity's to do what I love. Thank you mom for believing in me & seeing how much I love acting & modeling.  I know how much your back hurts & your supposed to be having back surgery & you still take me everywhere sitting in the truck to drive me 3 or 4 hours away for an audition. not knowing if I will get it but you know how much I want to go. I cant tell you how much I love you like you say there are no words I love you SOOOOOOOOO much. I am very very lucky to have a mom like you. I hope you have a awesome day mom. me & dad will do whatever you need us to. I cant wait to plant these flowers with you that i bought you. YOU ROCK MOM! happy mothers day mommy. LOVE ALWAYS& FOREVER & EVER & EVER, Hope your daughter xoxoxoxoxoxo



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 *Remembering who they use to be...by Hope & my mom, Melissa. May 7, 2014, Friday.

HELLO EVERYONE! Today is my great grandmothers birthday. She is 87 years old today! We got her a cake that says "Happy Birthday Mom-Mom, that's what we call her. She is my mom's, Dad's, Mom. So my maternal great grandmother. She had a big house out in the country with 4.3 acres of land but she had to move in with us back on November 15, 2013. She has dementia & we think Alzheimer's now too. It is very hard to live with someone who has this. She says mean things to my mom & is not her self. My mom sat me down & explained to me what Alzheimer's is & how when she was my age she had to go threw this with her great aunt Ann who is Mom-Moms sister. She told me that Mom-Mom would start acting different & that I have to remember its the disease & not her. I just want everyone to know that if you are living with a family member who has this you have to remember how they were before. My mom gets really mad & really sad when Mom-mom says mean things but then she just try's to agree with her. She said she knows the real her would not be acting like that. My mom & Mom-Mom were always really close all her life & Mom-Mom was always really nice. You have to remember the good times you had with that person not hold this against them. They don't know what they are doing. Remember how they treated you before the sickness. I know it is hard to ignore someone when they say mean things & act like they don't love you. My mom has read a lot on it & she read that sometimes they treat the person they love the most the worst. Please don't get mad at them & give up on them. You could end up getting it. My mom thinks it runs in our family. Here are some things you can do to try & not get it but there is no promise. You can eat healthy. Certain foods have been found to help. You can keep you mind busy. They say that when some people retire & are not doing things to keep their mind busy it can bring on the dementia. What you can do to help someone with it is be patient. You also need to be able to laugh. When they say something mean to you don't argue & yell at them. Laugh at it, not laugh at them but like for instance if they say something about you that is not true, just laugh & say "Yup". You cant argue with them. There is no winning an argument with someone who has dementia & Alzheimer's. You have to remember who they were before. You cant get mad at them for something they have no control over. Thank you for reading. Love Hope. with help from my mom, Melissa.