Hope is always trying to help others. If you have a daughter or son who you would like to market, Hope would love to help. She will put their picture on her website, put their name & your contact info. If your a business that you would like to advertise, send us your info & a picture if you like & we will advertise for no cost! Hope would just like to help people in anyway she can.

Donations: Donations: Donations: Donations:

Hope MacKenzie Perry is a little girl with big dreams & has had many wonderful opportunities, Unfortunately, Our family does not have the money to help her all of the time. We save up every penny we have to help Hope make her dreams come true. If hope gets her SAG Must Join letter she will have to pay $3200 within 30 days & we already received her Eligibility letter, so if she gets more union vouchers she will have to join, I do not know how I would get that kind of money in a month. So, we are taking donations to save up for her SAG/Union payment. Hope is also selling her autographed pictures for a donation too. If interested please feel free to Contact Us.

*If you or someone you know are willing to donate, please click on the DONATE button above or below. It will take you to a secure PayPal page or you can click the HELP sign to the left & it will take you to a Donation page set up for Hope at You can also contact Hope by filling out the form to the left. Hope is usually the one who wants to donate her money but, this time, it is Hope who needs help. Hope truly appreciates any help at all. She wants everyone to know that she is VERY grateful for every opportunity she has been given. She wants nothing more then to be able to do what she loves for a living for the rest of her life. She wants to be a role model for kids & adults so she can show kids that being a good person is important. She wants to educate people on things like bullying & she wants people to know & believe that inside beauty is way more important then outer beauty. Hope & her family can not put into words just how grateful they are for any help at all & for the support that people give Hope. We do not like asking people for help but, I will do anything to help Hope.

A Thank You from Hope....

HI! I want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. I know how hard my mom & dad have it. I know how much they do for me & how much they go without things for their self to help me make my dreams come true. Like when we go to get something to eat & they wont eat so they can save their money to help me pay for a acting class or to pay to take me to N.Y for an audition. I can not wait till I can help take care of them. I tell my mom to take my money all the time but she wont. She wants me to save it for college. Thank you for helping a little girl who has had Big dreams all her life.

                         LOVE, Hope Mackenzie Perry




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