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Hope Perry Introduction & Monologue 3/25/15.

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LINKS... to a few previous jobs, Hope performing monologues & other YouTube video's of Hope:

  • Department of Education, National Assessment Governing Board, scroll to bottom 5 video's, Hope is in video's 1, 2, 3 & 5: In Video #1 she is at 1:08 & 1:20 (Pink Shirt, Brown hair). Video #2 59 sec. & 1:11.

  • BG&E Commercials: 1st link she is at 16 sec. & 23 sec.

  • Hope's YouTube Page; Many video's of Hope performing monologues & other stuff.     
  • Pure Petites Magazine-Summer 2014 (May 2014): Hope was 1 of 5 actresses &/or models to get picked to have an interview/2 page spread in the first edition. Page 32 & 33 (Interview) & page 9 (little pic)

  •  Hope dancing at her dance recital, June 14th, 2014. Jazz dance "Shake it up". Hope is the one at first in the ront row, middle girl. Then when she goes to back, she is the girl who puts her leg up on the right. Longer brown ponytail, not curly.  Go to Hope's youtube page at & go to videos. Its: Hope Perry Jazz dance "Shake it up".  
  • Fox 45 News "Always Ginga Fit" Zumba Segment Live:  (Hope is the kid in the front):    *OR  go to Hope's YOUTUBE channel & watch it from there.     

Ryan Homes/NVR:



Walker Stalker Con 2015

Credit: Dash Sisters Photography.

Date taken: March 9, 2015, 10 years old.

It was very cold this day, but Hope had lots of fun!

Hope's 1st shoot with Carol Ruth in May 2013, before school pics & More shoots...

      *                 * Hope MacKenzie Perry's 2nd Photo Shoot with Carol Ruth Nov 21, 2014*

RIGHT: Different Photo Shoots Hope has done. From Babiekins Magazine to her very 1st at John Casablanca's. From early 2011 to 2014. She has grown so much over the years... 


          The Walking Dead!

‚ÄčAll Hope wanted for her 11th Birthday was to meet the cast of The Walking Dead. So, we took her to Walker Stalker Con N.Y/N.J, December 2015. She said "One of my dreams came true!". She loves the show, but she admires the cast.  She said she will continue working & training in hopes of one day either being on the show or working with one of the cast members on another project.



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