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Hope is always looking for more opportunities to do what she loves.  




                                                                                      Hope Mackenzie Perry

                                                                                                          Non-Union/SAG Eligible

Height: 4'11

Weight: 105 lbs.

Age Range: 8-12 years old.

Hair: Brown

Eye's: Brown

Sizes: 12, 14, 12/14 girls

Shoe: 5 & 1/2 girls , 6 womans 


 Little Deer Hitter                                  Lead- Tawny                                 Hereafter Films

 SANA                                                        Lead/Sophia                                Mayra Linearis/A.U

 Preaditos                                                Principal/ Young Kate                 Jimmie Ward/A.U                                                                

 Summer of Hope                                  Young Lucy/Speaking                 Dark Ronin Films/Ali Dash

 Prisoners Cinema                                  Dani/Principal                             Tommy Lawrence


The Detour                                            Guest Star/Young Vanessa            TNCP, Inc/TBS

Cursed: The Bell Witch                  Featured/Cherokee Indian Spirit.       Sirens Media

Billions                                                     BG/Private School Kid                    Showtime Prod                                                                                      

Elementary  (2nd time)                         BG/Park Kids                                   Eye Productions, Inc 

Friends of the People                           Featured/Subliminal artists          CC-Moose                                              

The Jim Gaffigan Show                         BG/School Girl                                 King Street Productions

Madame Secretary                                BG/New Dawn Cult Member        Eye Productions, Inc.

Blacklist (2nd time)                                BG/Uzbekistan Church Kid           Woodridge Production

Elementary                                              BG/Zoo Kid                                     Eye Productions, Inc.

Law & Order S.V.U                                  Photo Double/Zara                       Universal Television

The Following                                          BG/Kid at Orchard                         Outerbanks Entertainment

VEEP                                                         Craft Kid/BG                                     Home Box Office 

Orange is the New Black                       BG/Camp Kid                               Lady Prison Productions, INC.

Blacklist                                                    Teen Girl/ 9 year old/BG               Woodridge Production

Mozart in the Jungle                               Mexican 9 year old girl/BG           Picrow, Inc. 

Who the Bleep                                        Student/Recreation                        Sirens Media

Nightmare Next Door                            Friend/Recreation                           Sirens Media

Brain Games                                           Speaking                                            Nat Geo/NGHT, LLC



Educational Affiliates                              Secondary/Child Patient                  Hack/Stone Film Group                                                Ryan  Homes/NVR. Homes                    Principal/Daughter                            Blue Sky Film                                  

BG&E Commercial                                   Principal/Daughter                           Bonnemaison

Six Flags Amusement Park                     Safari Park Visitor                             Turnstile Advertising


NIH Scientist Launch Pad App                          Featured                                 National Institute of Health

Pennsylvania's Department of Education       Principal                                 Unbundled, LLC.                                                             

90th Anniversary Recruits of America             Daughter of Lt. General       Primitive World Production

New Morning Spot/Mitt Romney                      Principal- Daughter              Story Lab Films

National Assessment Governing Board           Principal                                 522 Productions 

TKT Anti-Bullying Video                                       Featured                               Talented Kids & Teens



​Tritty's World                                                 Lead- Tritty                                    Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

Rascal's                                                           Principal                                        Wonderous Films, LLC.

Tam's World                                                   Principal- Lydia                            Fables to Film, LLC


School of Rock Show                                  Lead Vocals: Ladies of the 80's Band               School of Rock

End of Season Show                                   BG Vocals: Stevie Wonder Band                       School of Rock

Fox News 45 Baltimore                             "Always Ginga Fit" Zumba Segment                  SAJ Media LLC          

Babiekins Magazine                                                         Model                                                                          JaTawny Chatmon

Pure Petites Magazine                                                     Model & Interview                                                    Sarah D'Leigh

Mary Jane McCarty                                                           Model                                                                          JaTawny Chatmon

Sun Stalked                                                                        Model                                                                         JaTawny Chatmon

Portfolios (8)                                                                       Model                                                       Barry Morgenstein,  David McIntosh, Model Rehab, Betsy Royall, Carol Ruth, Dash Sisters Photography



Baltimore Fashion Week                                                 Runway/Fashion Model                                            Fashion Umbrella

New York City Fashion Week  (2013 & 15)                    Runway/Fashion Model                                            Plitzs Fashion Marketing

Kids Fashion Democracy, NYC (2013 & 2014)               Runway/Fashion Model                                           Plitzs Fashion Marketing

American Girl Fashion Show (2013, 2014 & 2015)      Runway/Fashion Model                                            Cool Kids Campaign 

2014 Winter Fashion Show                                             Runway/Fashion Model                                             Sean Gibson/MCM-

2013 Holiday Fashion Show                                            Runway/Fashion Model                                            Sean Gibson/MCM

2012 Holiday Fashion Show                                            Runway/Fashion Model                                            Sean Gibson/MCM



On Camera, 2-Person Scenes, Audition Drills, Build Character, etc.. Weekly (Present)                             - John Pallotta

Monologue, On Camera, Cold Copy, Audition Tech..                                                                                       -Cheryl Felicia Rhoads

Monologue, Commercial Cold Copy, On Camera, Etc..     (Present)                                                    - MdM/ Michael McDavitt & Diane McFarland

Improvisation, Stanislavsky Tech., Monologue, Cold Read, 2 person script, Audition Tech.                     - Pam Sheehan

Private Acting & Commercial Model Coaching                                                                                                  - Aaron Marcus 

Monologue, 2 person script, Slate, On Camera, Cold Copy, Improvisation                                                  - Tim & Troy (At Expo)

Runway, Turns, Poise, Facial, Model Stance, Fashion show training                                                              - Sean Gibson/MCM

Fashion show training, N.Y.C Model training, the walk, turns, posture, etc.                                                 - Plitzs Fashion Marketing

Acting, Reading Sides, Private coaching                                                                                                              - Anna Cameron

Voice Over  Training                                                                                                                                                 -Andy Clemence

 Sudbrook Magnet Middle School for Performing Arts        Theatre 1, Dance, Chorus & Basic Studies     -Teachers at Sudbrook

Voice Lessons, Vocal Music, Drum Lessons &  Band Rehearsal        Lead Vocals & BG Vocals                   - School of Rock: Meghan, Chris, Tim



Flexible, Great Cart Wheels, Swimming (General), Can swim in 9+ ft. of water, Jumps off diving board into deep end, Back bend, Good with animals, reptiles & bugs, Not scared of animals, reptiles & bugs, Rides scooter, Can Walk, Run & Jump in heels (2 & 3 in.), Worked with Animals on set.

Expo's/Show Cases/Etc..:

-MdM Youth Talent Workshop & Panel Discussion 11/1-11/2/2014, Washington, D.C, MdM has coached Hope since around Winter 2013, going 3 to 4 times a month. They also prepared her for this workshop, where Industry Professionals will come & have one on ones with each child. The children get to preform for them by reading a monologue, commercial cold copy, 2 person scene, sing, walk & interview.

-Michael Beaty's Model & Talent Expo 6/19-6/25/2012, Dallas. TX, MTM sent Hope to the expo. For a week Hope took acting classes & attended workshops put on by celebrities, professional actors & other people in the industry. Hope received a call back from a N.Y agency.