please everyone pray for my granny. she just found out that she has 4 more aneurysms in her artery going to her kidney. she already has 10 of them in her brain and had 2 brain surgeries. she had breast cancer and clogged coroted arteries.  my granny is a good granny she was a school teacher and is always there for us. she was a awesome mom to my mom and we cant loose her. thank you so much.  love hope xoxoxo.

My Great Aunt, who is my Granny's sister, Boo, found out she had Breast Cancer.  She has stayed positive & is going to kick cancers butt! Never forget about those who have to go through this or anything like it. Keep these people n your thoughts & or prayers.


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​Thank you so much. We greatly  appreciate every vote.  From, Hope & her mom.


She is Kaya!


Hope will be modeling in the American Girl Fashion Show again this year. This will be her 3rd year she will be doing this show & is grateful to be a part of a show that helps children with cancer & other life threatening problems. Cool Kids Campaign & American Girl Doll put on a beautiful show every year & Cool Kids does amazing things for these children. All of the models were asked to raise at least $100. All proceeds go to a different children's hospital every year. This year they will be helping the Walter Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai.  

If you would like to help out Hope to raise her $100 or would like to donate directly to Cool kids campaign, either message me & I can give you Hopes Go Fund Me Page, send us a message on our contact us page, or send an email to: or you can go directly to Cool kids at .

Thank you to everyone.

 I think it is a miracle Granny is still here. Miracles happen & we don't know why that is called Faith. I have faith & I always will. We just celebrated about 2 weeks ago, early May 2014, to celebrate that Granny got great news. The doctors took x-rays of her Blocked Carotid Arteries' & they were no longer blocked. They said that is a miracle.



<       LEFT:  Picture was taken when I was 5 years old, this was after Granny had her very 1st Brain Surgery, when she had 3 of the 10 Brain Aneurysm's clamped or coiled. I had just got back from an audition & I wanted to stop by & see my Granny.

This page is dedicated to the brave kids, teens & adults out there who have gone through some rough stages in their life. For the kids who have or had Cancer, Brain tumors, Disability's, Birth Defects, Etc. Hope & some kids at school have put together "Team Sadie". Team Sadie is a group of kids who wanted to show their support for their good friend, Sadie. Sadie was diagnosed with Cancer when she was in the 3rd grade & had to leave school for most of the 3rd grade due to the Chemo. The kids sold bracelets that said "Team Sadie" & gave all the money to Sadie's mom for doctor bills. Sadie came back to school this year for the 4th grade & Hope & the rest of her friends were so happy! Sadie is a beautiful, sweet little girl. Hope has always liked Sadie since she first met her in Kindergarten. Most of these kids have known each other since Pre-K or Kindergarten & have formed bonds. So when Sadie found out she had cancer, most of the kids were heart broken. Hope understands Cancer, maybe a little more then most kids. Hope's Granny survived breast Cancer, along with other thing {10 Brain Aneurysm's with 3 Brain Surgeries, 2 Blocked Carotid Arteries, Chemotherapy, Mastectomy, & many other procedures} So Hope understood completely what was going on with Sadie. Sadie Unfortunately, went through the Chemo & lost her hair. She had the most beautiful long red hair before the chemo but all of the kids really supported her & tried their best to help her get through this. I think it was great to see so many kids & parents be so nice to each other & understand Sadie had no control over what was happening to her & that she is still just a normal kid like the rest of the kids. She is just a lot stronger now for what  she had to endure. Sadie is now in remission & came back to school after having to leave last year. The kids have been great towards her. I told Hope that if someone ever made fun of Sadie, to stand up for her. She is a great kid & does not deserve to be made fun of because of something she has no control over. Hope prays every night & she would pray for Sadie.

                              *This picture is dedicated to my Granny, Pat. She had breast Cancer, Blocked Carotid Arteries & 10 Brain Aneurysm's. She had a breast removed, surgery on both sides of                            her neck & 3 Brain Surgery's to clamp or coil some of the Aneurysm's in her brain.  I thank GOD everyday for letting her be here with me. She is a strong woman & I learn so                            much from her. I love my Granny. She says that she knows God let her live because of me. My mom & granny both say I am their hope! I am so happy she is still here.   

Team Sadie